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Discovering Beautiful Minds

West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Florida

The Play Base

Discovering Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds

Professional Child Behavioural Therapists We Do ABA a Different Way in Florida

Providing a play-based approach to help clients reach their developmental, educational, social, emotional and psychological needs.

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The Play Base West Palm Beach, Florida is here to help you and your family with any behavioral services you need for children with behavioral, developmental and neurodiverse needs. We offer ABA a different way in the Boca Raton, West Palm Beach areas in Florida.

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about creating deep and meaningful positive change for each and every one of our clients. We are happy to help your child and family reach their goals while using evidence-based approached in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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Our Services

Best Child ABA Therapy Florida

Child ABA Therapy

1:1 support is provided by a behavioural therapist who is supervised by a Board Certified Child Behaviour Analyst.

best in home ABA Therapy Florida

In-Home ABA Therapy

Consultation with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst is used for cases where 1:1 support is not needed or not possible.

Our Approaches

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) Near Me Boca Raton West Palm Beach Florida

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) is a more natural form of utilizing ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) and is conducted in the child’s typical environment.

Incidental Teaching child near me

Incidental Teaching

Incidental Teaching provides structures learning opportunity through the principles of ABA and is conducted in the natural environment through the incorporation of the child’s interests and natural motivation.

Milieu Teaching

Milieu Teaching

Milieu Teaching (MT) comprises four well-established teaching techniques: (1) modelling & correcting, (2) the mand-model technique, (3) time delay, and (4) all components of IT (described above).

Pivotal-Response-Training child psychology Boca Raton West Palm Beach Florida ADHD Therapy

Pivotal Response Training

Pivotal response training Toronto Vaughan (PRT), is a child-directed therapy well supported as an established evidence-based practice intervention for children with ASD.

Reciprocal-Imitation-Training-(RIT) Child ADHD Therapy Boca Raton West Palm Beach Florida

Reciprocal Imitation Training (RIT)

Reciprocal imitation training (RIT; Ingersoll and Gergans 2007) draws from naturalistic behavioral approaches such as IT, MT, and PRT.

Early-Start-Denver-Model-(ESDM) children's ADHD Therapy Boca Raton West Palm Beach Florida

Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a comprehensive behavioural early intervention approach for children with autism, ages 12 to 48 months.

child behaviour therapy floor time Boca Raton West Palm Beach Florida Near Me

Play Therapy (FloorTime)

Floortime uses play and focuses on emotional and relational development (feelings, relationships with caregivers).

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) child therapist behaviour Boca Raton West Palm Beach Florida

Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

DTT is a style of teaching that uses a series of trials to teach each step of a desired behaviour or response that is broken down into simple parts/steps.

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Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)

Used for very young children with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), usually younger than 3-5 years.

Why Play Base

Our Team

Frances Fishman

Behavioural Analyst – Founder

Founder of The Play Base and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst …

Jessica Malone

Case Supervisor

Capilano University Grad, BCaBA & Registered Behaviour Technician …

Yael Elitzur-Samuel Lead Therapist

Yael Elitzur-Samuel

Lead Therapist

Yael is a registered behavior technician  and has a Masters or Arts degree…

Successful Play Based Learning

Children are naturally drawn to play. “The impulse to play comes from a natural desire to understand the world” The NAEYC.
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Floridian children are identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
1 in 3
as many boys are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as girls
1 x
or less receive appropriate therapy by the time they reach 18.
0 %

*Statistics source: CDC.gov – Florida

Fact or Fiction?


ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that has been clinically observed since the early 1820’s.

ADHD is the most prevalent childhood psychiatric disorder in the United States.

ADHD remains under-recognized and underdiagnosed even though it is the most treatable psychiatric disorder in the United States.

Children with ADHD are commonly labeled as problem children, rather than children with a medical problems.

Scientific studies have shown that ADHD is highly heritable and is a chronic disorder that persists throughout the lifespan.
Children, adolescents and adults with untreated ADHD are at a greater risk for: Less academic success, Mental health & Self esteem issues, Substance abuse and greater chance of involvement within the justice system.


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🧠Why understand #thenervoussystem when doing #abatherapy or #parenting ? 
Our nervous system impacts every thing we do and how we experience everything. To ignore this important element of our humanity, is to ignore a crucial element of being human. Our nervous system is a part of all processing and impacts all behavior.
Here at @theplaybase we do #abatherapy a different away. What sets us apart? 
🔴 Prioritizing a compassionate approach to ABA
🟠 Play based, naturalistic, child-led & adult-guided 
🟡 Individualized therapy for each person
🟢 All staff are trained on The Nervous System and how it impacts behavior (in all people)
🔵 Therapy done in the natural environment 
🟣 Now also offering a trauma-free sports program in #bocaraton for neuro diverse children! 

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• Staring with Sports Fundamentals
• Catering to the neurodiverse community 
• 4:1 child to adult ratio 
• Professional instructor 
• The Play Base RBTs trained in #compassionateaba 
• Fun & Trauma free learning 

Unleash your child’s potential. Sign up today! Limited spots available!
Introducing #sportsforall 
A specialized program offering sports training for ALL! 
Using compassionate ABA, experts in the field like our incredible PT @aquaalternatives and providing a program that meets kids where they are and builds confidence, empowers them and teaches them new skills. 
Starting with ⛳️ in #bocaraton 
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Being mindful and present is a practice because it is not how our brains are naturally wired in this busy world we live in. Always needing to think ahead, to process the past and heal the wounds, focusing on what we need to do better or what the next steps are is how we are usually spending our time. 

But this moment here, we sat together for a meal by the water, watched the birds 🐦 as they searched for food, listened to the soft waves 🌊 and watched the blue and turquoise water dance towards the shore, felt the sun ☀️ on our skin and the breeze and took a moment to appreciate it. I listened to her speak, and really hear the sound of her laugh. I soaked in the smile on her face and although I’m not always this present, and she can’t always have my undivided attention- this moment was so needed. She needed it. Even more- I needed it. 

Take the moments when you can but equally be gentle enough with yourself to remember- we are walking in a human experience and are doing our best. Doing our best is all we can do. When we know better, we do better.
Mindfulness is a tool to help reach regulation. This week we are training our BCBAs on the nervous system in depth. This is an essential element to know about when working with behavior and mental health. We are proud to practice #compassionateaba one that takes the nervous system, mental health, trauma, attachment as part of the practice and meets the individual where they are and focuses on connection 💕

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Being a business owner has been one of the most amazing and challenging experiences of my life, second to being a wife and mom. If you know me, you know I’m all about growth. Taking each challenge as an opportunity to grow. Taking each obstacle as a way to see into myself and challenge me and push me to new heights. Here’s to a 2024 filled with stepping into our higher selves and deeper into yourselves while experiencing growth, health, abundance and making this world a better place. 🤍

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