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20 ABA Therapy Terms To Know

aba therapy

Welcome to the sun-soaked shores of Florida, where the air is just a tad saltier, the sun seems a smidge brighter, and the lingo of ABA therapy has people exclaiming, “What did you just say?” faster than you can say “Key Lime Pie”! Whether you’re new to the realm of autism and ABA therapy, or simply looking to brush up on the terms in anticipation of a meet-and-greet in Boca Raton or West Palm Beach, we’ve got your back. Grab your shades, and your notepad, and let’s dive into the dynamic world of ABA therapy terms tailored for The Play Base in FL!

1. ABA Therapy: 

Stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. It’s like the ABC of autism therapy. Before you jump into the deep, you need to know your ABA!

2. Baseline: 

It’s not the bass at your favorite Boca Raton club; it’s the starting point for measuring a child’s behavior before intervention.

3. Reinforcement: 

The reason your child might do the moonwalk every time they ace a task. Positive vibes = repeated behaviors!

4. Prompting:

A little nudge to guide children in the right direction. Just like when you need that extra push to head to the gym on a West Palm Beach summer day.

5. Generalization: 

When skills learned in ABA therapy are applied to real-world situations. Think of it as practicing your dance moves at home and then showing them off on the Boca dance floor.

6. Discrete Trial Training (DTT): 

A teaching method broken down into simple steps. It’s all about making big tasks bite-sized!

7. Stimulus:

Anything that sparks a response. Like how the sweet smell of oranges can take any Floridian back to childhood memories.

8. Task Analysis: 

Breaking down complex skills into smaller steps. It’s the Lego approach to learning – one brick at a time!

9. Chaining: 

Connecting those steps from task analysis. Because what’s a chain without its links?

10. Echoic: 

It’s all about imitation! When a child repeats what they hear, just like how we mimic the sound of the waves on West Palm Beach.

11. Manding: 

It’s a request. Kind of like asking for extra whipped cream on your Florida Key Lime Pie.

12. Tacting:

Labeling or naming things. You know, like when you remember the names of all the beaches you’ve visited in FL!

13. Intraverbal: 

Conversational responses. It’s the chitchat you’d have with a fellow sunbather in Boca Raton.

14. Escape Behavior: 

When a child tries to avoid a task. It’s the equivalent of adults avoiding Monday mornings.

15. Extinction:

Ignoring a behavior in hopes it’ll decrease. Sort of like pretending not to notice your ice cream melting under the Floridian sun.

16. Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA): 

A fancy way of understanding the ‘why’ behind behaviors. It’s the detective work of ABA!

17. Token System:

Earning tokens for good behavior. A childhood version of earning a margarita after a long day.

18. Natural Environment Training (NET):

Using everyday situations for learning. Because not everything is taught with a whiteboard and marker.

19. Pairing:

Making the environment fun and rewarding. It’s like matching your sun hat with your beach bag.

20. Data Collection: 

Tracking progress. It’s the ABA version of counting how many seashells you’ve collected on West Palm Beach.

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