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7 Powerful Positive Effects of ABA Therapy on Autism

aba therapy

Every parent wants to give the best for their little one as they grow up. However, when your child has been diagnosed with autism, you may feel anxious and helpless. Enrolling them in ABA therapy will allow them to move in the right rack, learning and growing to lead a fulfilling life. 

ABA is a family-focused therapy that guides you and your child in every step of the journey. It is popularly regarded as the gold-standard treatment for autism, as it helps the kids to achieve academic goals while improving communication, behavior, and social interaction skills. 

The approach will induce substantial progress and improve the quality of life of autistic children in the long run.  

As a parent, it is common to raise your concern about the effectiveness of ABA therapy, especially when unfamiliar with the concept. Let the power of ABA speaks through these evidence-based results. Scroll down to uncover the positive effects of ABA therapy in young ones with Autism.

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA, or Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy, is a behavior intervention proven effective for young ones with developmental delays, including Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Children with ASD may show delayed language skills, learning disabilities, and lack of movement. Hence the therapy focuses on improving specific skills, including communication, social, learning, reading, self-care, and more. 

Some of the techniques used in ABA therapy are Natural Environment Training, Pivotal Response Training, and Direct Instructions. Research has manifested that opting for ABA therapy as the treatment for autism will improve children’s and adults’ interpersonal skills, helping them cope better with the world’s ways.  

7 Potential & Positive Effects of ABA Therapy in Autism

ABA therapy has no one-size-fits-all approach. It works based on the principles of behavior and learning, where the therapist will reinforce the desired behavior in the children and encourage them with simple rewards. Let us explore the top positive effects of ABA therapy in the holistic development of children with autism.

  • Reduces Behavioural Problems

ABA therapy effectively decreases problematic behaviors in children with autism, such as self-injury, aggression, and tantrums. Therapy with a qualified ABA therapist is found to have positive effects in reducing self-injurious behavior such as hand biting and head banging. It will also help them to control or lessen their aggressive behavior toward others. 

In addition, it is also helpful in treating the disruptive tantrums associated with autism and other negative behaviors. Therefore the therapy has become more prominent in the treatment approach regarding ASD.

  • Improves Communication Skills

ABA therapy helps children with autism to improve their verbal behavior and encourages them to communicate more effectively. The therapist will teach the students to understand and use the language skills properly to enhance their ability to interact. 

Some children with autism will have vocal issues. Here, ABA therapy helps such kids learn alternate communication methods such as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), sign language, and other methods that best suit the needs of the children.

  • Teaches Independent Living Skills

When you give the child with ASD the necessary tools and resources, they can lead an independent and happy life, which is the ultimate goal of parents. ABA therapy teaches the kids the skills and employs effective techniques to maintain them in the long term so that they can be independent in every aspect of their life.

For instance, using the bathroom and being able to sleep at night in autistic children are the two critical goals that parents thrive for. ABA therapy helps the parents to recognize the behavior patterns and motivate the desirable action, making successful changes to achieve independence in such areas.

  • Increases Life Satisfaction

The primary positive effect of a well-crafted ABA therapy induces the occurrence of visible improvements in the abilities and behavior of children, which the parents have never imagined before the therapy. These improvements made by the therapy can go in the long haul by preventing the low expectations of the people around your kid, including the family members, teachers, and even other professionals.

Regarding life satisfaction, ABA therapy sets expectations and results to new heights. The skilled therapist will help you realise the kid’s true potential and make them succeed. Furthermore, the enhanced function and independence in the children will allow them and the parents to feel empowered with an improved quality of life. 

  • Enhances the ability to cope with changes

Children with ASD can be attached to the routine and structure of their life. However, it is not always possible to maintain the same. ABA therapy will help them to learn and cope with any unexpected change and handle it better. 

For instance, autistic children throw tantrums when their favorite chocolate or juice flavor is unavailable daily. ABA will implement effective strategies to cope with such changes so they can be less stressed. As a result, you can move forward to help them adjust to new routines, modify daily activities, and even suddenly transition to new places or schools.

  • Boosts Social Skills

Children with Autistic Spectrum disorder often struggle to form social skills to make friends and get along with other people. Whether it’s making eye contact, sharing toys, or initiating conversations, they often lack common social cues. ABA therapy can do wonders in improving the social skills of such children, enabling them to connect with others.

The approach will teach the children with autism to make friends, have playdates, and even return a smile to other people so that they can truly enjoy their childhood dates despite the limitations in their behavior. Even in non-verbal ASD, ABA therapy stimulates higher functioning and overall social behavior.

  • Promotes Better Parenting

Parenting your child with autism calls for a deeper understanding of their characters and behaviors. It is extremely important for the parents when they have to communicate with their kids during the distressed state and cannot vocalize their needs like normal developing children.

ABA therapy is a highly personalized and effective approach with a structured treatment plan to apply to meet the unique needs of autistic children. When the child is actively engaged in the treatment, they can empower themselves by achieving the desired developmental goals. It also offers innovative and tailored-made parenting solutions to benefit you and your child’s growth.

Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, Early intervention combined with intensive ABA therapy will enable children with autism to lead an active and successful life. It not only helps them to overcome the challenges of autism but also improves their satisfaction, allowing them to cope with the changes and navigate the path of their life independently. At Play Base, we provide a comprehensive and personalized ABA therapy approach for every child to experience better and desired outcomes. Our experts assess every kid while working and coordinate with the parents through one-on-one sessions to accurately determine their needs and goals. We help them achieve their goals by encouraging improvements and helping them reach their fullest potential. 

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