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West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Florida

The Play Base

Discovering Beautiful Minds

A New Dawn in ABA Therapy: The South Florida Revolution

ABA therapy

In the heart of South Florida, a transformative approach to ABA therapy is unfolding, heralded by the innovative minds at The Play Base. Led by Frances Fishman, a visionary in the field, this revolution is redefining the essence of developmental support and behavioral intervention.

The Architect of Change: Frances Fishman and The Play Base

Frances Fishman, the mastermind behind The Play Base, combines her extensive experience as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with her personal insights as a mother. With an M.Ed. in Developmental Psychology and Education, and over 12 years of experience, Frances has crafted a unique, client-focused methodology. “Our philosophy at The Play Base centers on making therapy a joyful and personalized journey,” Frances articulates. “We’re dedicated to celebrating each achievement, no matter the size.”

Innovative Techniques: The Heartbeat of Progress

At the forefront of the ABA therapy evolution in South Florida, The Play Base is pioneering methods that are as engaging as they are effective. Embracing technology, play, and creativity, the team ensures that every session is a step towards meaningful progress. “Innovation is key to our approach,” Frances states. “We’re committed to discovering new paths to engagement, utilizing everything from digital tools to art and play.”

The Search for Excellence: Why Families Choose The Play Base

Families across South Florida are turning to The Play Base in their search for innovative ABA techniques, drawn by the promise of unparalleled ABA therapy services. The Play Base stands out not just for its advanced techniques, but for its commitment to exceeding expectations. “We’re more than practitioners; we’re pioneers in ABA therapy,” Frances asserts. “Our goal is to lead by example, constantly evolving and improving.”

Community and Collaboration: The Spirit of South Florida

The remarkable strides in ABA therapy in South Florida can be attributed to a culture of collaboration among therapists, families, and educators. This communal spirit fosters an environment where ideas flourish and breakthroughs are commonplace. “The collective dedication in South Florida is what makes our approach to ABA therapy so impactful,” Frances reflects. “It’s a testament to the power of community in driving transformative change.”

Joining The Play Base

For those intrigued by the potential of cutting-edge ABA therapy, The Play Base represents a beacon of hope and innovation. Under Frances Fishman’s guidance, clients are assured a supportive, enriching experience. “We welcome every new family with open arms,” Frances shares. “Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, filled with growth, joy, and endless possibilities.”

As The Play Base continues to lead the way in innovative ABA interventions, the narrative of therapy in South Florida is being rewritten. With Frances Fishman at the helm, the journey towards a brighter, more hopeful future is well underway. For those ready to take the first step, The Play Base awaits, promising a path filled with discovery, support, and success.

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